Vegan food at YO! Sushi – review

Yo Sushi 1

YO! Sushi has been one of my restaurants of choice for a while now, particularly since their vegan menu expanded. Seeing a new vegan option (or more!) is one of the best feelings, and it definitely influences my opinions on a brand, restaurant or chain.

It generally takes a lot for me to visit somewhere more than once a month – my very erratic tastes and desire for variety often come in the way of becoming a regular customer. YO! Sushi is so good that I’ve been twice in the last two weeks.

Being a student, the Blue Monday offer where 45 of the dishes are only £2.90(?!) very much attracted my attention and allowed me to justify to myself yet another meal out…

Yo Sushi 3 option 2

Last night I went with Adam to celebrate him handing his last assignment in. Woohoo! I tried the new Spicy Cauliflower which, in my opinion, stole the show. The crispy coating was just the right amount of salty, the spice didn’t leave my eyes watering and my throat cursing me for choosing sadistically painful menu items, and the texture of the actual caulifower inside was perfect.

I rarely cook with or choose cauliflower, but this dish has forced me to take a step back and re-evaulate my childish mistakes. The idea of liking cauliflower was pretty much ruined for me the times I was cursed with lukewarm, squishy, watery mouthfuls of it, but the crunch and freshness to this dish has totally changed my opinion on the poor, pale vegetable.

Yo Sushi 2

The next dish I ordered was one I’d had before but which in my usual tradition of refusing to double-order, I had neglected for at least a year. This was the Pumpkin Katsu Curry. Another winner for me, although not quite as satisfying as the Tofu Curry Katsu, however that’s just down to my obscene tofu obsession.

The curry sauce is warming and slightly hot, and provides a nice contrast with the sweet, soft pumpkin inside crispy panko breadcrumbs. The only flaw I could add is that unlike the Tofu Katsu Curry, which comes with 3 pieces of tofu, this dish falls slightly short with only 2 pumpkin pieces, which left me slightly unsatisfied (and with a lot of plain rice).

Yo Sushi 4

The last picture of this post is from last Monday, when I was in the midst of trudging through a significantly horrifying amount of assignments, I decided the best way to deal with it was to go to Bluewater and visit YO! Sushi with a friend and ignore the assignments entirely.

This time I had the new Edamame and Spinach Gyoza. As with the other two dishes, they were delightfully crispy. I think crispiness might be a key to pleasing my tastebuds. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Anyway, the gyozas were green, yummy, and £2.90, so an all-round winner for me.