Kitch Cafe – Restaurant Review


Today I went out for lunch with my friend Leah in a cafe overlooking Canterbury highstreet on possibly its busiest day so far this year. I was very glad to separate myself from the heaving crowds and sit down to choose my lunch. Naturally I’d pored over the menu before I got there, but I still took at least 10 minutes to make up my mind.

After a great deal of deliberation I chose the Hot & Spicy Cacao, which was spiced with cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne. I expected it to be much hotter as I know from experience of cooking with cayenne that it only takes a tiny pinch to go from mild to extreme fiery spiciness, but surprisingly it was very mild – the sweetness introduced by the maple syrup overpowered the spice somewhat. I’d definitely order again, but I think I’d called it “spiced” over “spicy”.



look at that froth


For my actual lunch I contemplated pretty much every vegan option on the menu, which includes both vegan options and substitutions which can be made to vegetarian dishes. Yay, variety! I went for the Supergreen Sandwich, which comes with either the Supergreen Salad or the Soup of the Day. I went for a salad – hot thick soup on a very warm day is not particularly appealing to me, at least not for lunch!


The sandwich was so fresh and healthy, and the salty richness of the sun-dried tomato pesto has opened me up to a whole new world of pesto possibilities… I’m definitely going to have a go at making it soon. The side of salad was refreshing and the courgettes were cooked to perfection (according to my preferences which refuse to include squishy, soggy courgettes). I also really enjoyed the crunch of the flaked almonds which brought a whole new dimension to the texture of the sandwich.

The only amendment I would have made to my meal concerns the sourdough bread. While the flavour was everything a sourdough should be –  wholesome and delicious –  it was a tad difficult to chew and left my jaws in need of a rest half way through.  That doesn’t mean much though, as I still finished the whole thing and would probably have eaten another right after if I had the space for it!

Rating: 8/10

I’ll definitely be going back to try more of their vegan options soon!